You are welcome in a suggestive corner of central Italy!
Not far from San Marino, San Leo, and Rimini, it is collocated in a delicious village called Sant’Agata Feltria, with its medieval castel and many traditional-food specialities. The entire contry-house is by stone, with a beautiful landscape, visible from the panoramic terrace, in the back.
Relax you at a all rural old home in stone, to about seven hundred meters of height, perfectly restored, gifted with of wide halls with fire-place and comfortable bed-rooms with sight, furnished with country furniture of epoch.
We have a splendid view, a sun terrace - with view on the Val Marecchia and Petrella medieval village drives.
You will walk in a wide wood of roverella cultivated belonging, lawns and fields to the same estate.
The house is easily reachable, to two steps from Sant' Agata Feltria and Rimini, few kilometers beyond Novafeltria, through the street Marecchiese. Surroundings of naturalistic and artistic remarkable interest. Marked paths.
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Sant’Agata Feltria
Località La Busca
Via Petrellese, 1 47866 (RN)
Info: 333.20.03.693 / 339.31.25.834
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